Photography: How should photographers e-mail new businesses?

Cold e-mailing can be a brutal process, and you should only expect to hear back from about 5% of those you contact.

With that said, persistence can make a huge difference. My first e-mail will almost always be ignored, while my second and third follow-up e-mails have a much higher response rate.

A starting template for your initial e-mail can look like this:

Photography: How should photographers e-mail new businesses?


_______ [super-important – research the contact name or you’re going straight to trash], are you interested in _______ [your photography niche] photography?


Hi _______ [contact name],

I’m _______ [your name here], a _______ [your photography niche] photographer based in _______ [your location]. Your contact information was passed along to me by _______ [if relevant, helps establish social proof].

I wanted to reach out and offer to provide photography for _______ [be specific about project details to show you have done your research].

I recently worked on _______ [insert link to specific relevant project on your website]. My full portfolio and additional information is available at _______ [home page of your website].

Is this something you would be interested in [conclude with simple question providing a clear call to action]?


_______ [your name]

What about you?

What do your cold e-mails look like? Let us know in the comments below.

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